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UAE to announce new petrol prices for April 2023

The UAE will announce petrol prices for the month of April.

Petrol prices had already seen decreases in both January and February compared to the November and December 2022.

Petrol prices are determined in line with the global oil price. Reduced oil prices result in low petrol prices. The official price will be announced as March ends on Friday.

UAE petrol prices in March 2023

In March, the UAE saw a 1.3 percent increase in prices compared to last month. These are the petrol prices for the month

Starting March 1 the cost of filling up vehicles in the UAE is currently:

  • Special 95 – AED2.97 litre from AED3.05 in February
  • Super 98 – AED3.09 a litre from AED2.93 in February
  • E-Plus – AED2.90 a litre from AED2.86 in February
  • Diesel – AED3.14 a litre from AED3.38 in February
Prices in AED per litreE-Plus 91Special 95Super 98Diesel
March 20232.902.973.093.14
February 20232.862.933.053.38
January 20232.952.672.783.29
December 20223.113.183.303.74
November 20223.133.203.324.01
October 20222.852.923.033.76

Petrol prices over the past six months

Petrol prices in the UAE

The Fuel Price Committee (FPC) had froze prices due to the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, however, the controls were removed in March 2021 to reflect rising oil prices globally.

In addition, petrol prices are also majorly affected by a global increase in crude oil prices.

Crude oil prices have skyrocketed since the beginning of 2022, thus affecting petrol prices, especially due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, as Russia is one of the world’s largest exporters of oil.

Petrol prices in the UAE, which are set by the authorities, follow the global price movement for oil.

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