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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ramadan 2023: to begin on Thursday, Dubai announces Ramadan 2023 public transport plan

The moon-sighting committee met after the Maghrib prayer on Tuesday

Saudi Arabia has announced the start of Ramadan 2023 for this Thursday, March 23.

The crescent moon, which marks the start of the holy month, was not sighted on Tuesday evening in Saudi Arabia, meaning that Wednesday would be last day of Sha’ban, with Ramadan starting on Thursday.

Saudi Arabia had earlier called on Muslims across he kingdom to sight the crescent, with the Supreme Court calling on anybody who sights the crescent to report it to the nearest court or observatory.

The UAE has announced the start of Ramadan 2023 for this Thursday, March 23.

State news agency WAM confirmed the news in a tweet.

 The holy month of Ramadan will begin in the UAE on Thursday, March 23. The moon-sighting committee said the crescent moon — which signals the start of a month in the Islamic Hijri calendar — was not spotted on Tuesday (March 21) night.

Islamic months last for 29 or 30 days, depending on when the moon is sighted. Since the moon was not spotted today, Wednesday, March 22, will be Sha’ban 30. Ramadan 1, therefore, is on March 23.

As per astronomical calculations, the holy month will last for 29 days this year. The first day of Eid Al Fitr is likely to be on Friday, April 21, and residents will get a four-day weekend to mark the occasion.

Qatar Ramadan 2023


1ThursdayMarch 23 20234:52 AM5:02 AM6:16 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:49 PM
2FridayMarch 24 20234:51 AM5:01 AM6:15 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:49 PM
3SaturdayMarch 25 20234:50 AM5:00 AM6:14 AM12:28 PM3:53 PM6:35 PM7:50 PM
4SundayMarch 26 20234:49 AM4:59 AM6:13 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:36 PM7:50 PM
5MondayMarch 27 20234:48 AM4:58 AM6:12 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:36 PM7:51 PM
6TuesdayMarch 28 20234:47 AM4:57 AM6:11 AM12:27 PM3:53 PM6:37 PM7:51 PM
7WednesdayMarch 29 20234:46 AM4:56 AM6:10 AM12:26 PM3:53 PM6:37 PM7:52 PM
8ThursdayMarch 30 20234:45 AM4:55 AM6:09 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:38 PM7:52 PM
9FridayMarch 31 20234:44 AM4:54 AM6:08 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:38 PM7:53 PM
10SaturdayApril 01 20234:42 AM4:52 AM6:07 AM12:26 PM3:52 PM6:39 PM7:53 PM
11SundayApril 02 20234:41 AM4:51 AM6:06 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:39 PM7:54 PM
12MondayApril 03 20234:40 AM4:50 AM6:05 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:39 PM7:54 PM
13TuesdayApril 04 20234:39 AM4:49 AM6:04 AM12:25 PM3:52 PM6:40 PM7:55 PM
14WednesdayApril 05 20234:38 AM4:48 AM6:03 AM12:24 PM3:51 PM6:40 PM7:55 PM
15ThursdayApril 06 20234:37 AM4:47 AM6:02 AM12:24 PM3:51 PM6:41 PM7:56 PM
16FridayApril 07 20234:36 AM4:46 AM6:01 AM12:24 PM3:51 PM6:41 PM7:57 PM
17SaturdayApril 08 20234:35 AM4:45 AM6:00 AM12:24 PM3:51 PM6:42 PM7:57 PM
18SundayApril 09 20234:33 AM4:43 AM5:59 AM12:23 PM3:51 PM6:42 PM7:58 PM
19MondayApril 10 20234:32 AM4:42 AM5:58 AM12:23 PM3:50 PM6:43 PM7:58 PM
20TuesdayApril 11 20234:31 AM4:41 AM5:57 AM12:23 PM3:50 PM6:43 PM7:59 PM
21WednesdayApril 12 20234:30 AM4:40 AM5:56 AM12:22 PM3:50 PM6:43 PM8:00 PM
22ThursdayApril 13 20234:29 AM4:39 AM5:55 AM12:22 PM3:50 PM6:44 PM8:00 PM
23FridayApril 14 20234:28 AM4:38 AM5:54 AM12:22 PM3:49 PM6:44 PM8:01 PM
24SaturdayApril 15 20234:27 AM4:37 AM5:53 AM12:22 PM3:49 PM6:45 PM8:01 PM
25SundayApril 16 20234:26 AM4:36 AM5:52 AM12:21 PM3:49 PM6:45 PM8:02 PM
26MondayApril 17 20234:25 AM4:35 AM5:51 AM12:21 PM3:49 PM6:46 PM8:03 PM
27TuesdayApril 18 20234:23 AM4:33 AM5:50 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:46 PM8:03 PM
28WednesdayApril 19 20234:22 AM4:32 AM5:49 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:47 PM8:04 PM
29ThursdayApril 20 20234:21 AM4:31 AM5:49 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:47 PM8:05 PM

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced has announced operating hours for services during the holy month of Ramadan.

RTA services affected by Ramadan timing include customers’ happiness centres, paid parking zones, public buses, Dubai Metro and Tram, marine transit modes, and service-provider centres.

The service timing of Customers Happiness Centres during Ramadan will be from Monday to Thursday from 9am to 5pm, and on Friday from 9am to 12pm. Smart Customers Happiness Centres at Umm Ramool, Al Manara, Deira, Al Barsha and RTA Head Office will be operating as usual round the clock.

Qatar has announced the start of Ramadan 2023.

The Crescent Sighting Committee at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs announces Thursday, March 23 will be the first day of Ramadan.

Kuwait has announced the start of Ramadan 2023.

Kuwait’s Moonsighting Committee said that Thursday will be the start of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, said state run Kuwait News Agency.

Chairman of the Moon sighting Committee Justice Mohammad bin Naji made the announcement after the .committee meeting on Tuesday evening.

Bahrain has announced the start of Ramadan 2023.

The moon sighting committee announced that Thursday, March 23, will be the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan in Bahrain, based on the sighting of the crescent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said the Kingdom’s official news agency.

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