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Walmart puts an End to Potential Theft with the “Banana trick” Technique in its Self-Checkout system

The fact is that the change in the labels has resulted in a loss of money for the supermarket chain, a situation that cannot continue.

After a long season in which there have been numerous thefts at the Walmart retail chain’s self-checkout counters, the retail brand’s CEO has issued stern warnings.

As indicated in a statement, the number of thefts has increased significantly. That problem can trigger the closure of certain stores or even price increases on many products see the new anti-theft measure.If there is one thing Walmart is known for, it is for offering its customers a wide selection of products at the best prices.

However, the succession of robberies in the stores spread throughout the U.S., making the chain’s situation more and more in danger. To solve this serious problem, they have upgraded the self-checkout machines with a technology that aims to eliminate one of the most common theft practices used to date, known as the Banana trick.

What solution will put an end to the famous Walmart shoplifting trick?

This fraud, committed by hundreds of fraudsters in Walmart stores, is based on scanning an expensive product with the label of another one with a much lower price on the self-checkout machine.

In this way, they avoid being discovered so readily since, in theory, they are making a purchase like any other customer. However, they are committing fraud by acquiring high-value products at exceptionally low prices.To overcome this problem, which has been increasing over the years, Walmart has proposed improvements to its self-checkout machines.

The most important is AI technology, which Edgify has produced. This new system gives the device the function it needs to see what product is being scanned by the customer and whether or not it matches the label on it.In social networks, we can see that there are already several customers who have gone to their trusted Walmart store to test whether this update in the system is effective or not.

To the surprise of many, the self-checkout machine can identify the product and compare it with the label it carries to determine whether it is the same product.In this way, improving the self-payment machine system is precisely the solution needed to completely stop the thefts that have been a severe problem for Walmart for months.

The fact is that the change in the labels has resulted in a loss of money for the supermarket chain, a situation that cannot continue. If the problem does not improve, Walmart executives will take drastic measures that will affect customers.

Four Walmart shoplifters were arrested for using the “switcheroo” self-pay trick.Earlier this month, shoppers reportedly stole items using the wrong barcode at the Walmart supermarket in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the United States.The tactic for this theft is known as “switcheroo” and involves customers removing the label from a relatively inexpensive item and placing it on top of a more expensive one.

They would pay with the wrong barcode and then instantly go to customer service to return it and charge the full price for the product. After being caught, they were arrested on a warrant out of Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia.

How do thieves steal in these new supermarkets same Walmart?

There have even appeared a series of terms and tricks for stealing in supermarkets that move in forums, such as the “banana trick,” which consists of passing steaks as if they were potatoes.

Another fashionable misdeed among self-collecting thieves is “the switcheroo,” which consists of swiping a barcode of something cheap to charge you for something expensive.

The record of theft in self-checkout supermarkets

Among the examples of picaresque we find in supermarkets is the authentic way a young Frenchman found a few months ago in a village in the neighboring country. This person stole a Play Station by paying for it at a self-checkout by weight as if it were fruit.

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