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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Supermodel barista robots to serve in Dubai’s all set Donna Cyber-Cafe

It is believed to be the first cafe in the world that would be operated without the help of human beings.

Dubai’s Donna Cyber-Cafe is all set to open in 2023 along with a man-made barista, instead of a man, who will serve coffee, drinks and all other items and will have the first supermodel robot to attend to customers.

It is believed to be the first cafe in the world that would be operated without the help of human beings.The world’s first supermodel robot cafe will have self-serve ice cream machines and coffee served by a beautiful robot.

Donna Cyber-Cafe will have a lifelike robot modelled after the Eastern European model, Diana Gabdullina. It will be able to chit-chat and take selfies with the customers.

The supermodel robot is known to be capable of carrying conversations and even dictating stories. It is also trained to walk realistically like an actual human being. The robot can also detect and understand people’s emotions and indulge in real conversations with them.The cafe’s components have come from Russia with her creators describing the robot as ‘easygoing, feminine’ that can be a ‘little ironic’ while also being a cashier and a responsible employee of the cafe.

Known as the Robo-C2 made by RDI Robotics, the ‘model’ robot possesses the ability to greet customers and even remember them while storing and reading information related to the cafe and the company at large.The developers claim that humanoid robots help businesses give a competitive advantage and help them to attract new clients along with maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Donna Cyber-Cafe will be a 24/7 cafe that will have a soft-drink dispenser along with a soft-service ice cream machine. Customers will be required to pay at a self-service terminal. It will be a great sight to visit a cafe operated solely by a human-like robot. Meanwhile, the venue for Donna Cyber-Cafe hasn’t been disclosed yet.


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